Martha Crawford

Independent board director and private equity advisor specialized in low-carbon energies (decarbonization), materials recovery (circularity), and waste management. Based in metro NYC, I presently work as an Operating Partner with large PE investment groups, helping to assess and value, acquire and grow infrastructure companies (environmental services and low-carbon energy sectors).

I have served as independent director on boards of several public companies, including Suez, Altran (now CapGemini) and Ipsen Pharmaceuticals. I hold a PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Harvard University, an MBA from the French College des Ingénieurs, and an Executive Certificate in Private Equity and Venture Capital from Columbia Business School. Upon moving to the US in 2016, I taught corporate governance at Harvard Business School.

With the conviction that scaling and commercializing low-carbon technologies is necessary to modernize and future-proof heavy industry, I coach CEOs and senior leadership teams in how to get there. Leveraging a successful career in French industry from 1997 to 2016, where I served as global head of R&D for Areva (now Orano) and Air Liquide - multinational corporations in nuclear energy, renewables, and industrial gases. I led international Research & Development operations on a range of decarbonization technologies, including: Hydrogen production and use for energy storage or propulsion, construction of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS),Fischer-Tropsch GTL and pyrolysis to make biofuels from waste products.

Dual national - US and France. Bilingual.

08:30 - 09:30

5 March 2024 Day 1


Esteemed speakers, such as top-ranking executives from the Kuwait Ministry of Oil and Kuwait
Minis- try of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, along with distinguished representatives
from Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, its affiliates, JV firms, regional NOCs and IOCs, and
significant service majors will deliver the keynote presentations. These experts will lead an
engaging opening plenary session, framing a comprehensive symposium program.


Moderators: NADER SULTAN (Senior Energy Expert)